Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Rainbows are really mysterious. Do you know how rainbows are formed? That's the question my officemate asked and I answered. Of course, scientifically speaking I know the answer and that is how I explain it to him. It made him a little confuse so I wont bother explaining that in here.

But really, how are rainbows formed? Why does it bend like a bow? Why do rainbows appear after a rain? Bow shape and Rains, is it why they gave it that name?

There is a myth that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But would you find it? Nah. Never! But I think it is true...

Rainbows usually give us something to smile about. It can lighten our moods when we are feeling bad. Rains bring me bad moods and rainbows kind of take that away. I just hope that there is always a rainbow after every storms...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And Then There is One

As the NBA Playoffs Slogan for the 2008 season says "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE", it happened. The Celtics won their 17th Championship - a record in the NBA, eliminating the LA Lakers in game 6 of the NBA Finals.

The road to glory was not that easy for the Celtics, they played a postseason record of 26 games downing the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers in 7 games, and the Detroit Pistons (my team) and the LA Lakers in 6. That road was tough (rough).

I would like to congratulate the players, the coaches, staffs, management and the whole Celtics organization and their loyal fans for winning trophy No. 17.

Congrats to:

Finals MVP Paul Pierce who played all out even through injury - he definitely deserves this. He deserves this not only because he is the best player in this series but because he has played for the Celts the longest, through thick and thin, ten long years of winning and losing. Now he had it all, he deserves this.

Kevin Garnett - the Celtics Anchor, the Defensive Player of the Year, the man with the most extreme behavior, the man with the toughest work ethic. He had it all. MVP of 2004. Defensive Player of the Year this year. 11-time All-Star, future hall of famer, regarded as one of the best power forward in the history of basketball, etc, etc. He had it all except championship. He now has it. Congrats! LOL Charles Barkley...

Ray Allen - the sweetest shooter I've ever seen since Reggie Miller. Multiple All-Star Appearance, Olympic Gold Medalist. One of my favorites. He now has a championship of his own - the battle of best UConn Alumni is even (in terms of championships), both Rip and Ray are now Champions.

Rondo and Perks - being a starter alongside the Big Three. Showing that you belong in their company.

The Celtics Reserves - special mention to James Posey, best player from the bench in this post season - not by statistics but by the intangibles he brings in games. To everyone for playing their damn best night in and night out, for 106 regular and playoff games combined.

To DOC - for being there the last four grueling years - along Pierce, for guiding this team to its legacy and winning tradition. For keeping up with his players. For being a great coach.

To Danny Ainge - for pulling a miracle in the pre-season bringing the Big Three together along with the other important pieces of the championship puzzle - Posey, Brown, Cassel.

The Question now is...What lies ahead?

Lakers will still be there especially with Bynum
Detroit is on a revamp - expects to still be strong
West will still be the Best
Draft Night, who will be Number One
Trades - ???
Beijing Olympics - U.S. Roster


what about Pacquiao?